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The Presenters...

Click the Radio-Player button to listen to Jam24Radio and check out some of our shows below



This is Jam24Radio the home of new music. Join us online for a great selection of new artist playing new music on  a new radio station. Jam24Radio stands out for its creative content and breaks away from the norm with our schedule. Check out our programs below.

Monday - Sunday - 24hrs of great new music.

Monday to Friday - Join us for the Evening Jam @ 8pm. Check this weeks line up.

Monday       -    Tommy with The Reggae Session

Tuesday      -    US10 with Barry Tomes

Wednesday -    Country Show

Thursday     -    US10 with Barry Tomes

Friday          -    Top of Acid Pops


Weekend Specialist shows 

Saturday 8pm - Top of acid pops

Saturday 9pm - Tommy with The Reggae Session

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New Music Top 10 countdown Mon-Fri @ 1pm, Saturday @ 3pm and Sunday@12pm


Join West for the very best in brand new music and unsigned music.

Microphone Sound Editing
Live Wire: Network Radio Show

Wednesday night  @ 7PM and Sunday @ 4pm

Bringing you the best  in Interview's and news  Jam24Radio with the Live Wire team across the UK. You can also catch up on Sunday's  at 4pm

The Retro Chart Show Tuesday @ 6pm and Sunday @ 3PM


Dan Ellis-Jones brings  you the biggest hits and news from 80's 90's and 00's while taking a look back at some of the songs from that have helped shape the music industry.


Friday & Saturday night from 8pm til 9pm


Join Jam24Radio's in-house DJ Nera and the "CPM" for the best banging tunes...


The Reggae Session Saturday @ 9pm, Monday @ 8pm.


Tommy Butler presents an awesome vibe of great Reggae music from the best Reggae artist from the UK and around the world

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US10 Tuesday and Thursday @ 8pm.


Barry Tomes joins the Jam24Radio team with the US10 playing the best of New American music and classic tracks from the US.

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