It's all about the JAM!!

Well as you can tell Jam24radio is dedicated to the promotion of  NEW MUSIC by NEW ARTISTS.  As a musician with a back ground in broadcasting I know how difficult it can be to either get a record company to give you five minutes or even get that airplay you so want off any radio station that will listen. It’s usually bounced emails, unanswered phone calls or a chance meeting. Most times it’s all about being in the right place at the right time or know someone who’s cousins, uncle’s girl friends third nipple once brushed against the A&R mans ginger cat who happens to owe him a favour.


Jam24radio is for all walks of life that have an interest in music. If you are a singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, Fan, Manager, record company or know of someone who has great music inside of them then Jam24Radio is the place to be. Jam24radio is constantly evolving and looking for better ways to get your music heard and in front of the people that matter.


Apart from our main radio show we are now giving you an opportunity to be part of our New TV show called “New Music 5” plus a new show which is in the pipeline to be revealed later this year. This will give you greater exposure putting you into our hall of fame and you will be part of our new dedicated TV channel launching in 2015. All of this is free to members of


"What’s the next Step to joining the Revolution?"

Ok style of music is not an issue. Jam24Radio requires that your music is ideally original, sounds great and unsigned. However, if you have just signed to a label then we are more than happy to include you in our programming. Part of our listenership is made up of Producers, Managers, Agents and Record Companies who are all looking for new artist. When you join they will be informed of all new sign ups so its best to make sure that all is looking and sounding good.


Once in, your track will form part of our play list Plus if you have a video you can be part of our new TV programmes we are producing. And WATCH OUT as we will be launching our new dedicated TV Channel in 2015. All this will be available to you as a Jam24Radio member.


The Legal Bit


We at do not take any legal or personal responsibility for desputes that may arise from the broadcast of original material which you as the artist claim to be your own work which later turns out to be false. reserves the right to reject any written, audio or video submissions we deem unsuitable for release or transmission.





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