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Everything You Need to Know About Indie music

Listening to music is quite common, and people love to hear songs according to their moods and tastes. However, many who want to hear a song may not know about the genre and listen only for enjoyment. There are numerous types and styles of music ranging from popular pop and rock music to country and folk music.

According to a popular music streaming service, Spotify, there are over 1,300 music genres globally, which is quite staggering. You may be familiar with the popular ones such as rock, jazz, country, pop, electronic, hip-hop, dance, indie, and blues. Most of the genres stem from a particular culture and have a rich history.

Today, due to advancements in technology, people have many ways to listen to their favorite music genres and artists. Some popular ways include streaming songs from digital platforms, radio stations, or downloading an album. If you want to know about new music charts UK, an online radio station is the best option.

What is Indie Music?

The term ‘indie’ comes from the word ‘independent’ and means that all the indie artists or bands are paying for all the recording costs, production fees, and touring expenses on their own. From a genre perspective, indie music is considered an alternative style similar to rock & roll but different from mainstream rock and pop music.

Indie artists and musicians do not sign a contract from a record label, allowing them to be creative with various sounds and lyrics. Most indie artists have humble beginnings and do not know whether they will achieve success and fame or not. The record label provides the finances to record and produce an album, but it also requires the artist to make popular and radio-friendly songs.

As the term ‘indie’ mostly symbolizes the outlook of the artist or band, the style of the individual artist can vary. For example, one indie artist can make melodic songs while another indie artist may focus on electronic soul style. The sound and style of indie music is mostly inspired and influence by the location of a particular artist or band.

It happens that an indie artist may make an album and upload it, and seeing the massive response and popularity, a record label may approach them to launch the album officially. The distinct feature of indie music is the sad and soulful lyrics which are getting mainstream popularity.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) recording style is common in indie music, and artists are not apprehensive about adding different elements to the songs. The creative freedom makes the indie songs quite intriguing and enchanting. Moreover, the indie artist can tweak the instruments and vocals of the songs.

There is a definitive influence of country and folk music on indie style, and it is evident with the presence of piano and guitar sounds. The standard indie style of music includes instruments such as guitar, piano, violin, and drums. The unedited songs recorded in your bedroom or garage are quite common in the indie genre, along with guitar and piano solos.

What is the best way to find New Indie Music?

Indie music is one of the few music genres that is quite diverse and even infuses other genres. You will find indie rock, indie pop, and indie country. Most of the individuals who make indie songs are teenagers or young adults in their 20s. The indie bands that are not popular in the mainstream are usually known as ‘garage bands.’

The common ways for an indie artists to promote their music is through appearances at local music festivals, in cafes and clubs, and indie press. In addition, creative freedom allows many indie artists to incorporate rock, pop, electronic, and dance elements in their songs.

The aspiring indie artist and bands usually release their songs on their personal social media account. However, one better alternative is a digital streaming platform that allows free space for new artists to reach out to their potential fans.

The famous streaming platform mostly tends to play songs of artists with an acclaimed record label, but there is space for upcoming talented artists. The online websites and streaming platforms share various music genres and even allow the listener to filter the songs to view indie rock, new indie music UK, indie pop, and indie country music.

The indie songs from various artists and bands are added every day and recently added ones are mostly on the top of the playlist. One can click the play button and get details about the song. One can easily navigate the streaming platform to look at what’s featured, the top indie music charts, recently added, and profiles of indie artists and bands. You can even make and save a playlist and add the songs that you like.

Seeing the growing trend of streaming services, Jam24 Global is a brilliant online platform for artists and music enthusiasts. The platform consists of Jam24radio, Jam24 TV, and Jamfest2021 for live music sessions.

How to Promote your Indie Music?

As a passionate indie artist, you should collaborate with other indie artists and bands to grow. You can make an agreement on doing gigs, tour together, co-produce songs, cover mainstream songs on social media, and even do live music sessions on online radio or digital music streaming platforms. The internet radio and streaming services always look to play and promote new music UK.

One of the most challenging aspects as an indie artist is distribution, as you may not have the support of a record label. However, the best and most cost-effective solution is taking help from a digital music streaming platform that can upload and play your songs. The advantage you get is that you have an audience to hear your songs and a chance to promote your music.

The two other factors you need to consider as an indie artist are licensing and officially publishing your music. Knowing about legal work may not be the most exciting task, but you need to know about it. The social media platform allows indie artists to promote the songs free of cost.

The digital music platforms are allowing unknown indie artists to be discovered and become popular. There are few popular streaming services where you can submit your song, and if it’s likable, it can make its way into the playlists of hundreds of online listeners.

Jam24 Global is the ideal platform to get exposure and make a fan following. Your indie music can get free airplay through Jam24radio. We know how hard it can be for an aspiring artist to write, record, produce songs and integrate the music with social media. The Jam24 Global platform is for everyone and a community where everyone can connect and have fun.

Final Thoughts

The creative space that indie music gives allows artists to break away from mainstream rules and showcase their true potential. Indie music is also diverse, which means one can experiment with different elements. In a world where people are always looking for new and exciting music, indie music can appeal to most people.

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