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Join The New Music Revolution

It's a brave new world. A world full of possibilities, full of technological revolutions, and full of digital transformations. From the film-making industry all the way to the music industry, everything has changed. Studio rooms are now MacBooks, and recording studios are on the move.

Music has been changed drastically by the use of digital platforms and technological advancements. The new digital recording applications provide a new way to create music characterized by infusion of the soul of the music and contemporary touch to it.

If you are thinking that the music industry is simple, you are definitely wrong. The musicians, artists, songwriters, and producers are working days and nights on their tracks to make them in the form of music. Music is considered the food of the spirit and is the biggest part of every person's life. Music has been an integral part of entertainment, common workplaces, and media and is considered a precious commodity to date. Music has seen several ups and downs all through ages but is surviving and will survive forever.

Everything has changed.

In the past, most albums were recorded and mixed in a studio. But now, with music production becoming more affordable and accessible to the public, many people are choosing to produce their own music at home. Music has become more about the experience than about production value. Artists can now easily create their own content at home and upload it on YouTube or SoundCloud for others to hear without expensive equipment or professional studios.

Music production is changing with the advent of new technology. Music-making software, which was once the domain of experts, has made it possible for a large population to create music. The impact on music production can be examined through two lenses - the changes in how music is made and how it is heard.

Artificial Intelligence & music.

AI has been a major player in the music industry for a while now. It has played a role in production, distribution, and marketing. With AI-based algorithms, music can be personalized and tailored to an individual's preferences. AI is no longer just creating and curating content. AI now takes on the role of a marketing agent by spreading the word about musicians through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Artificial Intelligence being engaged as a tool to develop music and aid various musicians around the music industry has been in practice for a long time. The core construct that artificial intelligence can develop and compose defined music may sound quite 'robust' and 'petrifying' for a lot of musicians in the overall music industry, but the truth is that music developing and creating AI software has made remarkable advances in history that it has lost its characteristic of being a 'spiteful novelty' for the music maestros. Nowadays music producing AI software is the trend.

A lot of new and merging musicians are using various digital music studios, programs, and AI software to develop amazing music. From Apple Music to various music production software for Mac and Windows - It's a brave new world. AI-enabled music production software is now helping major musicians in their creative process; whether it is composing music for large-scale blockbusters like Justice League from the legendary music composer Hans Zimmer himself, or it's the new digitalized house music from the God's of music; Daft Punk, each and every shuffle of music is digitized and progressing.

Artificial intelligence systems have been used for composing music for over ten years now. They have emerged as a promising tool in the creative process of contemporary composers by helping them generate new musical ideas from combinations of different resources such as melodies, rhythms, and harmonies. Some composers like Peter Vadala have even used these AI-based services for their entire composition process.

It's only a matter of time before artificial intelligence and machine learning will help in the production and composition of music. Platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud are already using AI to generate personalized playlists for listeners. Other companies are using this technology to come up with new compositions entirely by themselves.

Join the revolution.

​With different styles of music and different form of music-production advancements taking the leap, Jam24Radio is all about the "new." Part of our audience comprises Producers, Managers, Agents, and Record Companies who are all looking for new artists. When you join, they will be informed of all new sign-ups, so it's best to make sure that your music is looking and sounding good.

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